Spa Manicure - Hands & Nails

Pamper your nails and hands with a six step Spa Manicure using spa berries. It helps eliminate dry skin giving you nourished, soft & supple hands.




This six step process of Spa Manicure removes the dead skin cells of the hands and nails. Spa Manicure starts with gently soaking your hands in lukewarm water to soften the nail cuticle.It then continues with applying the nail cuticle cream to the nail cuticles. Your hands are then scrubbed with Spa berries scrub.
This process opens the pores and removes all dead skin cells of your hands and nail cuticles. It is then followed with a cream massage to close the open pores and add some moisture to dry skin. A relaxing gel massage is followed to soothe the irritated skin. This makes your skin supple and soft to touch. After which a skin whitening pack is applied to enrich the skin tone. To conclude the Spa Manicure, a soothing oil massage is given to improve the blood circulation in your hands.
BigStylist - Salon at Home uses only Branded & Single Use Products for Spa Manicure thereby ensuring highest levels of hygiene & cleanliness.

Approximate time needed: 45- 40 minutes

Suggested skin types: All



Q.I eat a balanced diet but my nails do not grow. For this reason, I have short nails. How do I get the perfect spa manicure for short nails?

A.Hi! I agree with you. Despite of having a balanced diet it may be difficult of some people to grow nails. But, you can still get manicure for your short nails. Regardless of the nail growth, you can lengthen the manicure by softening the cuticles and gently push them back. This way you will have a longer nail bed and a pretty big space where you can materialize your imagination with nail polish.

Q.I have really dry and chapped hands. What should I do?

A.Hi! These dry hands are because your hands are too much exposed to chemicals and heat. If possible try to reduce this contact and whenever you are not working make sure that you massage your hands with proper moisturiser.

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