Spa Pedicure - Legs, Feet & Nails

Pamper your tips and toes with a six step process using spa berries pedicure which helps eliminate dry skin giving you nourished and soft tips and toes.




This six step process of Spa Pedicure removes the dead skin cells of the feet and toes. Spa Pedicure starts with gently soaking your feet in lukewarm water to soften the cuticle. It then continues with applying cuticle cream to the nail cuticles. Your feet are then scrubbed with Spa berries scrub.
TThis process opens the pores and removes all dead skin cells of your feet and toes. It is then followed with a cream massage to close the open pores and add some moisture to dry skin. A relaxing gel massage is followed to soothe the irritated skin. This makes your skin supple and soft to touch. After which a skin whitening pack is applied to enrich the skin tone. To conclude, a soothing oil massage is given to improve the blood circulation in your feet.
BigStylist - Salon at Home uses only Branded & Single Use Products for spa Pedicure thereby maintaining the maximum levels of hygiene & cleanliness.

Approximate time needed: 45- 50 minutes

Suggested skin types: All



Q.Hi! I always keep my feet and toes clean. Is it still necessary to do pedicure?

A.Hi! While the main focus a manicure is beautification of the hands and nails, a pedicure offers many health benefits. Remember that your feet provide the support and foundation for your entire body, so it only makes good sense to take good care of them. Soaking your feet in relaxing warm water, having them massaged, having calluses removed and the nails properly trimmed provides an array of benefits. The process is relaxing and can help you to walk, stand and generally get through your day comfortably and with ease.

Q.Hi! What are the health benefits of pedicures?

A.Hi! In addition to stress reduction, regular pedicure treatments can help prevent excessively dry skin on the feet. Cracked dry skin is subject to infection. Good moisturizing and regular attention to areas of stress on the feet can help prevent calluses. Having callused, painful feet can have a negative impact on your gait. This can cause problems with body alignment and lead to complications such as backaches, neck aches and so on. Foot massage helps improve circulation in the feet and lower legs.

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