Full Waxing - Full Legs, Full Hands & Underarms

Full waxing using Honey Gold wax is offered for all of the body including full hands, full legs, underarms, stomach, back, bikini line and brazilian.




The process of waxing removes all the hair present on the skin. Waxing also removes the dead skin cells which have clogged the pores. Opening up of such pores ensures transpiration of oxygen, skin looks much fresher, brighter.
Waxing with Honey Gold Wax is highly recommended for all over body inlcuding full hands, full legs, underarms, stomach, back, bikini line and brazilian. It is preferred to shaving or any other hair removal technique because shaving causes rashes on sensitive skin. Shaving also removes hair only from the surface of the skin whereas waxing removes hair from the roots causing slower regrowth of hair.
BigStylist - Salon at Home uses only Branded, Single Use Products for waxing thereby maintaining the maximum levels of hygiene, cleanliness.

Approximate time needed: 60- 75 minutes

Suggested skin types: Dry, Sensitive, Rough, Prickly, Oily.



Q.Hi BigStylist! I have heard that if we wax regularly, after sometime the hair growth does not continue after some time. I was wondering how much time do we need to do it before it starts?

A.Well to tell you frankly, it differs from person to person, but it takes a number of years. Also, the bigger picture is that the hair doesn't stop growing completely. What happens is hair growth reduces a lot, and you need to wax less and less frequently. So, if you start waxing when you are around 13 years of age, and if you wax regularly without shaving, then when you are around 35 to 40 years old you may need to wax just once in 4 to 5 months. Also, in certain areas like in your underarms, hair growth may reduce a lot more than in other areas.

Q.I wax my arms and legs regularly. But since the last few sessions, I have developed some ingrowths which even after repeated waxing at the same spot are not going away. Please help me.

A.Hi! Waxing the same area twice or even thrice is not going to help you get rid of the ingrowths. But you also need not freak about it, since it is one of the common problems faced by many women.I will suggest that you gently scrub the area with soap and pumice stone. Also, make sure your hair is pulled in the direction opposite to hair growth while waxing, to prevent ingrowths..

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