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Halloween is here! So put some make up on and get your pumpkins out. Well, you can’t carve out your pumpkins cause your mother would just put it in her Sambhar.


Moving on! Yeah, it’s the 31st of October and Halloween is here.  Clubs and pubs in Bombay are are proudly blasting low-key scary songs and packed with weirdly dressed people. If they do not step out, they party indoors! It’s the new fad in town to host Halloween house parties with red horns. Because who cares about innovation.

So if you are an enthusiast of this western Holiday, but do not wish to put more than three seconds in your costume
Here are some scariest yet simplest costume ideas!

A smartphone with 2% Battery:


How many times has it happened to you that your battery shows you a red light when you are in the middle of a Snapchat streak or an intense conversation? Well, you could have charged your phone but you too damn lazy to do that. Scary, right?

To be this fear all you have to do is take a cardboard paint the entire thing black and a small section red and you are good to go!

No wi-fi/Internet connection:

Although in India most of the places do not have wi-fi signal, existing without internet is the scariest thing in 2017. It would be safe to say that the entire world can come to a halt if somebody messes with our internet.

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Client Stinkers:


Most clients are grade-A meanies. Day or night, they would not care about it. So if you are a person directly dealing with the client, then nothing is more scary than a client stinker.

All you gotta do is just put a page on your chest and write the most clichéd feedback you’ve ever gotten and you are sorted.

A matrimonial profile:


If you are single and happy, than your desi parents are scared and ready to Shaadi you asap! Imagine one day you would just Google your name for kicks and find a matrimonial advertisement of yourself.

Wouldn’t you be frozen? That’s what we thought.

Surge Prices:


You really wish to go home, you take your phone out, you try to book a cab, you fail multiple times. You finally book a cab but then you see your biggest nightmare. 5X! No way in hell you are going to pay that kinda money to reach home, would you! But you do it in anyway cause your bed awaits you!

To dress up as this nightmare, just take a whitener right 5X on your shirt, place a booking cab logo on your shirt and you are good to go!


Use these easy-peasy-lemon squeezy ideas you can get off work on time, get dressed up and have fun! So what if you can’t trick or treat, you can drink and eat!

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