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Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurt!

In this day and age, life is pretty tough! Deadlines. Stressful meetings. Stress & Work_Life_Balance. Stress. All of this takes a huge toll on your skin and body. You know what comes in handy? Beauty hacks. When life gets too tough, just take the easier way. Ain’t nobody the time to climb the mountain.

At some point in time in her life, a woman is just done with dark circles and spots, so here are some beauty hacks for you!

beauty hacks

1. Use foundation to its’ best utility:

Foundation, the base of your makeup, helps you cover a majority of your spots and blemishes. Always remembers to apply it from the center of your face and then blend it out.

Beauty Hack – It will enhance your jawline and cheekbones making your face look thinner. Ever heard of this beauty hack? Thought so.

beauty hacks

2. Make your perfume last TWICE as long:

Do you end up finishing an entire bottle of your perfume? There can be two reasons of this. Either your perfume is not of good quality or you are not applying it well.

Beauty Hack – Always spray perfume behind your ears, neck, underarms, knee, waist, and belly button. Use this beauty hack and smell better every day!

beauty hacks

3. Pimple before date or a party?

You have a special event and a pimple just pops up? We’ve got you covered! Use a white, plain Toothpaste (Ex – Colgate).

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Beauty Hack – Use classic white toothpaste instead of a gel formula and apply it to the pimple, leaving it on overnight. Fair warning: If you have sensitive skin, I would skip the toothpaste and go for a more gentle treatment, like the one above, since it can be harsh and irritate skin.

beauty hacks

4. Trash the trendy eyebrows:

Go natural with your eyebrows. With weird eyebrows trending coming up, go the different way. Keep them natural.

Beauty Hack – All you got to do is highlight them right with a brown pencil, keep the direction right and you are good to go.

beauty hacks

5. Cute Pink Sponge = Your BFF!

If you do not live under the rock, you must have seen the blender. The cure little pink sponge is your solution to all your make up related problems.

Beauty Hack – Just invest in one and explore its awesomeness forever!

beauty hacks

6. Use Toilet Paper instead of a Tissue Paper:

Got an oily face? Ran out of tissue papers? Use the toilet paper instead! Don’t gross out!

Beauty Hack – Dab up the extra oil with toilet paper as its pores will help you and give you a  solution in tough times.

beauty hacks

Do you keep reading about the expensive solutions that you need to clean out your brushes? Don’t pay any heed to them.

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All you need is your face wash to clean them all. Thought of this beauty hack ever?

beauty hacks

So what are you waiting for? Use these beauty hacks and tell us if they worked out well for you!

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