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In case you did not know, 12th November marks the date of the birth of Ryan Gosling.

The one smile is just enough to make anyone’s day. That one man who can just kill with his pensive look.

One guy who can just make someone fall in love with him in a matter of seconds. The one who can pull off a role of a sweet chocolate hero and a hot muscular man with the same ease.

Ryan Gosling

So here’s a little gift for all of you from our side. Presenting just eight simple gifs of Ryan Gosling which will leave you thirsty!

Let’s begin with a cute one in which he is trying to control his chuckle

Ryan Gosling

Isn’t he the cutest? Just look at him giggle.

Look at this one in which he judges someone with all his sass!

Ryan Gosling

Those shoes with those pants? Girl! You gottta change.

When he doesn’t want you to go.

Ryan Gosling

Okay, I won’t go Ryan. Just hug me okay?

Him just casually saying Hello with all his sexiness.

Ryan Gosling

Oh hello there. *melts away* 

The level of Swag is too damn high!

Ryan Gosling

*Fans oneself*

Ryan Gosling – The Sexiest Nerd you have ever come across!

Ryan Gosling

Screams internally!

Just look at him give away all those puppy kisses.

Ryan Gosling

Hey Rachel move away. You got your turn! 

Do I need words to explain this?

Ryan Gosling

Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven! 

If you have survived this post without sweating, quenching for thirst and fanning yourself. You are a wartime hero!

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Happy Birthday Ryan Gosling. Thanks for being so wonderfully handsome. May you keep visiting our dreams with your perfect jawline and brilliant smile!

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