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There are some relationships that are meant to build on mutual dislike. Your relationship with BOSS being one of them.

If you are stuck in a 9-5 job and hate Mondays, there is a high chance that you are not a huge fan of your boss!


Unrealistic timelines, post-working hour projects, rejection of leaves, all of these factors boil up to that one statement you wish to go and tell your boss! But alas! You just can’t do that.

Well, you love your career and don’t wish to get fired. However, those things remain piled up in your head. Let us tell you one thing, you are not alone my friend. All of us have been to the place where we want yell our guts out to our bosses and have planned out each and every revenge plan from the movie ‘Horrible Bosses’.

So here are the eight things you wish to say to your boss, but cannot:

1.Working on Weekends:

No, I am not going to work on the weekend! I have a life and I refuse to spend my weekend working.


2. The BOSS is always RIGHT:

You are not right. Your idea is not going to work, but you will not accept it!


3. Fake Compliment is a must:

The shirt you just bought is really bad. I just complimented you because I really like my job and my opinions don’t matter to you.

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4. Tolerance of Silly Jokes:

Oh no, I do not want to go to the team lunch with you and fake laugh at your silly jokes


5. Can you please grow up!

I know you are more experienced than me, but for the love of god! Stop putting silly transitions in the presentation.


6. Work From HOME, Seriously!

No, I will not work from home if I am sick! What kind of a monster asks for this?


7. Am I an INTERN?

Why are you asking me to do an intern’s job? Please, can you hire an intern instead? At least pretend to make my life easier?


8. Let’s Hire:

If we are at it, let’s hire an assistant for me too. You know someone who can get two cups of coffee, one for you and one for me.


9. Pay Me!

I really think I get either a job or a promotion! Don’t you think? Just do it already.


10. Sorry but, Nothing is Good about you!

No matter how much I like you or your methods, I am physically not capable of saying good things about you in front of my peers. Sorry!


In all honesty, no matter how great your boss is, you will never truly love them. So this World Boss Day, take your boss out for lunch and try and bridge the gap between you guys. If you don’t succeed, go back to your normal life. It wasn’t that bad after all!

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