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No woman will appreciate having doubts & apprehensions about her relationship. Goes without saying, security in a relationship is a common need. Ladies, if your partner has these 6 qualities & he exhibits them without a doubt, HE IS A KEEPER!

1. Genuinely cares for you:

If your partner is happy when you are happy, sad when you are sad, never ever let ’em go. This person is by your side in good and bad times. He tries hard to solve all your problems even better than you.


If he/she insists on you texting once you have reached home, you always should do that.

2. Treats you with love & respect:

A guy who loves you always considers your feelings, needs and desires. He feels it as important as his desires and needs. He must be concerned with each every thing related to you and will do things to make your life better.


Sometimes he/she could go out of his way to solve all your problems.

3. You are their Priority:

If he includes you in his future plannings then he is madly in love with you and doesn’t wants to loose you. He will always find time to be with you no matter what.


If he picks up your call while playing FIFA, you gotta marry him!

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4. He Wants People To Know About You:

If he accepts you in public proudly, holds your hand, puts his arms around or hugs you then he is madly in love. He is proud to be with you and has introduced you to his family and friends.


If he is open about your relationship to all friends, families, colleagues & also on Social Media, then there shouldn’t be a doubt. NOT A SINGLE OUNCE!

5. He is honest:

If he is always honest about his previous relationships and secrets, then he is the one. He always keeps his promises and works hard to solve any issues in your relationship so that you can both be happy.


What more does a keeper have to offer?

In a nutshell, its very important to have a heart to heart conversation with your partner. You should also understand what are they expecting out of you & your relation.

If you can have a genuine bond, then your partner is a keeper. And you should not let them leave!

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