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Diwali is behind us. Friends and family are now back home. The mirchi lights are now back in the cupboard. The diyas are all burnt out.

You know what still remains? The extra festive calories your gained while enjoying the Diwali Treats!

festive calories

All the hardwork in regular workout sessions, so many Zumba classes and half an hour cardio exercises went for a toss the minute you saw the first box of sweets!

festive calories

With your loved ones around, you wouldn’t stop at one piece, would you? Now that the festival is over, how about you get back in shape & knock off those extra festive calories.

Check out the not-so sweet ways to shed those extra festive calories you put on during Diwali binge!

1. Step on the scale and mark a number:

festive calories
Usually when people gain weight they are too scared to step on the scale. It is surely wise to check your weight and set a goal in mind to get back in shape.
So face your fear, mark a goal in your head and work towards it.

2. Detox your body:

festive calories
Your body must be filled with sugary, syrupy calories. Carbs and calories are two antagonists in your body. So the first step should be detoxifying your body with herbs, green tea and everything in between.
Keep food high on calories away for a few days and eat light.

3. Shun the lift, take the stairs:

festive calories
Just changing one habit brings about a lot of difference in your weight. Taking the stairs every day not only helps you shed some weight but it also enhances your stamina in walking.
Isn’t it a win-win situation?

4. Include greens in your diet:

festive calories
Fresh leafy vegetables and pulses improves oxidation and improves your metabolism rate. This is excellent for losing weight and getting rid of extra calories.

5. Brisk walking:

festive calories
If you were never a work out person, just an hour of quick brisk walking helps your body a lot. It helps you sweat out, pumps your heart with fresh oxygenated blood and makes you feel fresh.

6. Keep your lattes away for a few weeks:

festive calories
One cup of latte consists of at least 10 grams of sugar and a lot of caffeine. Sipping coffee at odd hours throws your body clock off the chart, affecting your diet adversely. Hence, pick fresh green tea over your favorite latte for a few weeks.

7. Spend an extra twenty minutes in the gym:

festive calories
Expand your regular gym routine by a good 20 minutes. Your body takes no time to go out of shape but takes a lot of time to get in good shape. So if you went weak during the festival, you gotta get stronger post the festival.
No one can take away the fact that the food shared with family is one of the best meals. The festivities are the best part of our country and celebrating it with high spirits is what we live for. But it is also necessary to keep our health in check and stay fit. So get going and lose those extra calories.

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