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It’s raining, it’s pouring, your day feels really boring already. Sound familiar? When the forecast is grim, whether it’s thunderstorms or rains, boredom at home can set in fast.

So, forget about the client meeting that has to be rescheduled, ignore the errands that you had to run and just enjoy the lazy weather indoors. How? Put on your coziest pajamas, and pick one of these fun things to do when stuck at home due to rains.


Make a Paper boat & sail them in flowing waters:

Everyone, during their childhoods, has made paper boats & sailed them in nearby flowing water. Miss being a kid? Grab papers lying around & get to making boats.

Why should only kids have fun? 😉

Make love:

Monsoons make the weather cold, cuddly & enough seductive to make a quick romp in the sheets inevitable. Utilize this time & make the most of it! 😉

Enjoy your chai + pakoras:

There’s barely any better joy to sit besides the window panes, enjoy the sound of rains hitting the windows & sip of piping hot masala chai & munch on crunchy bhajiyaas.

Want to make it better? Do this with your loved ones, phones & other gadgets kept faaarrrr awayyy.

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Enjoy a movie (or a Netflix) marathon:

If you enjoy Harry Potter series, then enjoy the undisturbed HP marathon. Or more, if you have been wanting to complete a new season of your favorite show, then this is the most ideal time to binge.

Keep a (huge) pack of chips + coke (or beer) and enjoy the binge day at leisure!

Try your hand at cooking (or baking):

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Wanted to try a new recipe you watched on Tasty or the one your mom handed over to you last week? Put on your favorite playlist & get to it.

Cooking & baking both are proven to amazing stress busters & heavily enjoyable activities. At the end of it, you also get some amazing (or not) food to eat!

Bring out board games:

Bring out your boxes of scrabble, ludo, chess, snakes & ladders and all other no-batteries games. It’s time for you to relish them with your friends & loved ones.

Go out & get wet in the rains:



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Not getting wet to your hearts content with your friends & families during rains is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Remember the days when jumping in puddles was so much fun? And splashing water on friends gave the most joy?

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This is the time to relive all of it.

While you enjoy your time at home during rains, stay closely knit to your loved ones & have a more personal time with them instead of your gadgets & gizmos.

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