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Aeeeeeyyy Haalo! Garba ramva jaiyyeee!! 

Yes, It’s that time of the year when Goddess Durga blesses us with her presence, the entire nation celebrates the good over evil and Garba-enthusiasts step out to dance in concentric circles! Navratri is the festival of dance, colours, culture, music and much more!

While garba as a dance form is famous in Gujarat, a lot of urban metro cities have picked up the trend and are now organizing special Garba nights. It includes a heavy combination of Gujarati and Bollywood music.

As the weekend is here and you are already pumped up to show the world your moves, how about you get some simple style tips on stepping out in style during Navratri! 

Go for a beautiful dupatta with heavy embroidery:


While you are dancing on the floor, you are high on energy, you don’t want to be chained to a heavy ghagra choli! So what do you do? You go for your most comfortable pair of jeans, a solid colored kurta and a gorgeous dupatta.

Tuck it up smoothly in your jeans and go crazy with your garba moves!

Bohemian Jewelry is the key:


This Navratri, go for heavy silver oxide jewellery! Junk jewellery paired up with simple colourful kurtis should be your go-to style tip! Comfort clothing for well, comfort and bohemian jewellery for glamour.

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Sounds like a brilliant idea? We agree!

Look different with quirky jackets:


If you are a clumsy person and handling a dupatta is not your thing? Go for beautiful ethnic jackets. They add the right touch of tradition to your outfit, easy to handle and beautiful to look at.

Now no more cancelling garba plans this Navratri, pull your jacket up and give Falguni Pathak a visit.

Dress up your feet too!


What pumps are for salsa, jootis are for garba. The upbeat music and perfectly-timed dance moves are not going to wait for you if you fall, stumble or limp. So, avoid all of these by going for a cute pair of jootis!

Buy the ones with ghungroo on it, so every time you move it will tinkle! 😉

Get innovative with Ghagra:

Image result for knee length traditional skirts

Doing anything the conventional way is too mainstream. Why go for the long ghagras when you can go for the short ones? Knee-length ghagras paired up with cute crop tops will give you both a modern and a traditional look.

Loved the idea? Give it a shot!

Navratri is all about celebrating culture together! So about how you do it in style! Get your garba moves on and have a blast!


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