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It’s that fateful day when the fortress of the mind, the stealer of hearts and the queen of beautiful smiles was born. We are talking about none other than Emma Stone!

Emma Stone

Yes, Emma Stone, the lady who adorns the classiest of the dress and acts like one big goofball. The one who not only is an aspiring leader but an inspiring actor. Her speeches are heard and appreciated by the world. She is the one woman who is truly the most adorable thing that the world has ever seen!

Let’s take a look at a list of things that makes Emma Stone one of the most loved actresses in the world. 

Emma Stone & her million-dollar smile!

Emma Stone

That smile is where all the trouble begins.

The ability to stay graceful and poised at the right moment!

Emma Stone

All though she must have done a lot of shimmies in her mind.

When she can pull off any role with the same ease and talent!

Emma Stone

Do you remember singing, “I got a pocket full of sunshine” with her in the shower!? 

When she was the prettiest and the cutest girlfriend ever!

Emma Stone

Come on! Look at them! 

Her heart is always in the right place. She never stops expressing her love for food!

Emma Stone

Have you ever been this satisfied when your food arrived at the table? 

We all know how strong her internet game is!?

Emma Stone

Good Job Stone, we fell for it.

Her sense of humor is always on point! She always leaves people in splits.

Emma Stone

Stop playing with our hearts, would you?!

All we gotta say to this lady love is you be you Emma Stone and the world will continue to fall in love with you every minute! Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday Emma and hope that you would keep doing what you love doing!

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Emma Stone


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