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A day in the life of a Bengali is quite normal. Bengalis love their jobs, art, wine, fish and of course Satyajit Ray. However, during Navratri it’s different! IT’S DURGA POOJA TIME!

Bengalis during Durga Pooja are high on culture, traditions & macher jhol!


You know what’s best than being a Bengali during Durga Pooja, being a Bong’s friend during Durga Pooja! In this way, you get to be a part of the celebration, but don’t have to do the chores! Double-win!

durga pooja

So if you have a long-lost Bengali friend or a best bong friend, it’s time to give them a call! Presenting to you seven reasons why being friends with a Bengali friend is fun during Durga Pooja:

1. You visit Durga Pandals and watch all the rituals up close!

From all the rituals to all the decoration, all the traditions to all the festivities; no one knows it all like Bongs.

durga poja

2. You learn EVERY SINGLE TRADITION related to Durga Pooja:

You get to know about the clay that is used to make idols, the meaning behind this festival and why they end the festival with applying red colour on their faces.

durga pooja

3. Pandal hopping becomes a regular thing for nine days!

There’s just you and your friends hopping from Pandal to Pandal to seek blessings from Durga Maa.

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durga pooja

4. Meticulous planning for next day:

The cultural events at these Pandals are very diverse and teach you a lot about the mythical stories behind the festival. People of all ages participate in these events.

After the curtains drop, everyone spends the night discussing about tomorrow’s plans over chai.

durga pooja

5. Bengali FOOOOOOODD!

The food stalls have the best Bengali food served. From Kosha Mangsho to Kobiraji cutlets, everything is nothing short of delight.

durga pooja

6. Lal Paar Saree aka The Traditional Red & White Saree!

You try to blend in and all of us know how beautiful one can look in that white colored saree.

durga pooja

7. Dhunichi Naach:

And who can forget about Dhunichi naach! The dance form which looks pretty easy but is very tough!

Only hardcore Bongs can do it like a pro.

durga pooja

8. Visarjan Day is GRANDDD!

Last but not the least, the Visarjan Day is a different riot altogether. While people are sad to bid goodbye to Goddess Durga, some are happy for the nine days she stayed with them.

The beach is filled with people with mixed feelings, but a sense of serenity.

durga pooja

Durga Pooja is a combination a Bengali can ever be. If you haven’t done it already, celebrate Navratri like Bong and you will know why it’s magical.

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